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Precision Grinding, Inc.
2101 Wenonah-Oxmoor Road,
Birmingham, Alabama 35211
PO Box 19925 Birmingham, Alabama 35219
205 942-2491 F: (205) 942-2073
1 888 WE-GRIND / (1 888-934-7463)
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Your "One-Stop Shop" for Custom Steel Plate Processing

Plate Cutting, Stress Relieving Annealing, Precision Grinding, Machining, Fabricating

About Us:
Since 1971, Precision Grinding has developed strong repeat relationships with customers from
the tool and die, stamping, aerospace, automotive, fabrication, special machining, construction, oil/gas, environmental, food service, plywood, paper, veneer mill and entertainment industries
to name a few. Precision Grinding, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of finished,
custom steel plate shapes and products.

Precision Grinding houses seven of the largest Blanchard and Mattison grinders in the United States underneath one roof. We specialize in Rotary Grinding and Precision Surface Grinding to close structural tolerances for flatness, parallelism, and squareness.

Rotary Blanchard Grinding capacity to 128" diameter to 45" tall
Reciprocating Blanchard Grinding capacity to 48" width x over 200" length
Mattison close tolerance Precision Surface Grinding to 36" wide x over 172" long.

These high horsepower grinders provide high accuracy and high production repeatability.

CNC Machining and Manual mills:

Takumi DCM Double Column Vertical Machining Center (78" x 122" Capacity @ 22,000 lbs.)
w/ 40 Tool Concurrent Capacity; 3-Axis CNC Machine; Right Angle Head for
Horizontal Machining. Yama Seiki VMB-1600 CNC Machining Center with 30 Tool capacity
(31" x 31" x 68" capacity)
Large G&L Bar Mills, Large planer mills, Flattening presses, and ironworkers.

Flame Cutting & Plasma Cutting:
At Precision Grinding we have (3) 40 foot plate burning tables, with the capacity to CNC flame
cut up to 14" thick and to CNC plasma cut plate to 1 3/8" via our 600A Avenger II plasma head.

We inventory A36 in incremental sizes up to 8" thick, and we inventory A572-50, A514-T1,
A516, 1020, 1045, and 4140 up to 4" thick. Whatever thickness you need, we are able to
handle requests for thicknesses up to 24" A36 and HRS 1020, to 14" thick for 1045 and 4140,
and to 8" thick in most every grade of tool steel and wear plate. We have relationships with
the major steel mills for the most common structural Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel requirements.

Our on-site Stress Relieving and Annealing Furnace has an 8' x 8' x 14' capacity and operates daily.


With over 60,000 sq. ft. of building space, our steel fabrication department has the ability to
weld, fit, assemble, test, and to completely fabricate weldments and specialty machines for
custom design-build projects of all types.

At Precision Grinding, we're able to handle your steel parts and plate processing requirements
from the drawing stage to completion. Please, call us with your next custom steel parts quote. Normally, we are able to quote you on the same day, often times during the same phone call.

For information or quote call
(205) 942-2491
1 / 888 WE-GRIND / (1 888-934-7463) or visit our website

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Primary Capabilities:
Steel Plate Processing
Plate Cutting | Stress Relieving | Annealing
Blanchard Grinding | Surface Grinding
CNC Machining | Steel Fabrication

CAD - Data Exchange Capabilities:
AutoCad and most drawing files.

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